Supply Chain Support Beyond the Line

Our Passion / Your Mission

We strive to guarantee our clients trade compliance in all supply chain areas, from procurement, transportation and custom clearance.

We consult for the private sector from pharma to retail as well as humanitarian projects, disaster relief operations and public government departments.

Together with our clients we find tailor made solutions for projects and existing processes alike.

We do not waste time, so our products and services can add value for our clients to achieve their goals.


Equipment Distribution

We are passionate about having the right equipment when traveling to remote areas for work. We always look to save weight and space with simultaneously increasing functionality of the tools we bring with.

We combine products in specialized kits to allow our clients to save time and focus on their scope of work instead of packing. We tailor our solutions to the beneficiary in the field and their work task ahead. We support to meet safety and regulatory compliance by customizing content and quantities of our deployment kits to organizations and standards. We procure, modify, quality control, assemble and deliver customer specific solutions to their headquarters, employee’s homes or directly to the field site to guarantee a successful project start.

Humanitarian Logistics

We supporting arrival of goods and services into the relief area by supporting their transport and all the documentation which comes with it.

Whether you're an organization shipping products across the globe or an individual relocating to the mission area, or equipment to be sent there. Once your cargo has left the safe environment of a warehouse and is on the road, plane or vessel the real journey begins. We make sure that the movement doesn't stop, and if - that we are there with our network and partners to get the goods moving again. There is nothing worse that if you need to start working in the field and your equipment is held on customs and your company has no one to contact and support.

Global Supply Chain Consulting

We focus on optimizing logistics and supply chain processes for organizations working in the private sector and with humanitarian and disaster relief projects.

We asses new areas of operation for our clients and evaluate all related risks for their business establishments. We analyze current freight flows and on their compliance standards and possible export/-import control risks. We evaluate existing supply chain environment to find gaps and to improve working processes where needed to increase operational efficiency. We provide solution the end-user can work with daily, and the management can gain oversight from of the complete network. We deliver processes and guidelines which improve transparency, efficiency, and operational preparedness.  

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